**News - Lifelong Memories has opened and will now be handling all of the candle orders. Please use this link to get there. You will also be required to have a login name and password. Please contact us at 608-742-8828 to obtain one. The links on this page will no longer work.


The newest innovation by the FM Solutions staff is the Remembrance Candle. You can have a plain remembrance candle or choose from many different scenes.

The Remembrance Candle is a great profit center for the funeral home. It's recommended that you give the first one to the family at no charge. Then 90% of the time there will be large reorders, this is when you will profit immensely.

To start receiving Remembrance Candles at your funeral home simply click the "Order" button and fill out the deceased information and attach a photo. The Remembrance Candle is truly a unique product that simply nobody else offers in the industry.